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3rd Party and Guest Uploads

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3rd Party Guest Uploads

If you need the recipient to make edits and send the file back, you can create a "guest account" for them. To do this, navigate to the buttom located on the top of the dashboard called "Guests".


Once on the "Guests" page click "Create Guest".


Fill in the necessary fields, and click save.


Now that you have created a guest user. You can now right click a folder and click "Share". Once you type in the recipient in the share form, you can decide whether this user should have write and delete access.


After you hit "Save and Notify New Recpients" it will now send the information for your guest to log in. Once they log in they will be able to upload back to the folder you shared.


Tracking Your Shares

You can track and view all of your Team-Shares, 3rd Party Shares, and if anyone has shared a file with you. Just click the shares tab on the top portion of the web portal.