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Branding Feature

Custom branding will take effect on the Web Portal, Sync Agent, and Mobile apps.


1. To setup your custom branding, navigate to the Settings tab in the dashboard. Select Branding then Custom branding for this organization radio button.


2. The Logo option allows you to set your company image file for the web. Images should be no larger than 200px x 50px. Transparent .png files are recommended.


3. The Splash Screen is an image file tha appears after user login (on mobile devices only). Images should be no larger than 960px x 640px. Transparent .png files are reccomended.


4. The Icon option will set the Desktop, Windows Explorer and System Tray icon. The format must be .ico in order to be seen.


5. The Company Name will be featured along with the logo you choose on the web, replacing our default branding icon.


6. The Company URL is the web address of your company. For example,

7. The Program Name will rename the default Synced Tool branding. It will be the name for your desktop icon on your machine.

8. The Folder Name will rename the default Synced Folder branding.

9. The Terms of Service field is provided to allow your company to enter its own T.O.S.

10. Save your settings.

11. Download and install the newly branded sync agent app.

*Note: If there is an existing sync agent installed on your machine, please uninstall that sync agent first then install the newly branded sync agent.