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Cloud Enable Your File Server

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File Server Enablement

File Server Enablement will allow the administrator to cloud enable any folder on a machine and map it to a Team-Share or user account. With File Server Enablement you can keep the existing file structure on the server while allowing remote access replacing VPN.

1. Step one is to create a fake account or dummy account in the system. To get this feature to work you need a user that has no association with anything in the system. ( You don’t need to use a real email address )


2. Next install the agent on the file server and register it with the dummy account.


3. Log into the web portal as the dummy user. Create a Team-Share to map the files to.


4. Once the agent finishes installing log into your dummy account.


5. Start by navigating to the Machines tab on the top of the dashboard.


6. Once on Machines it will list every device with a client installed.


7. Locate your file server or device you would like to map folders from. Once you find the device make your way to the right side and click "Enable Mapping".


8. After "Enable Mapping" is clicked, two more options will come up. Click "Map Folders".


9. Click the arrow located on the left side of the device.


10. By click the arrow it will bring a drop down menu of all the drives on the machine. Choose which drive you would like to map folders from.


11. You should now see a list of folders. Choose which folders you would like to map by clicking the check box.


12. Now that we chose the folders needed we can map them to users or Team-Shares. Move to the right of the screen and click the drop down list of users and Team-Shares. Choose one.


13. You should now have clicked the folders and users needed. Next click "Submit" at the bottom. Once you click submit it will automatically map the folder and start syncing data.


14. You should receive a message letting you know the folders mapped successfully.