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Installing the Synced Tool App

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Download Clients and Apps

There are two different apps you can download. The first is the client you install on your local machine ( Windows or Mac ). The client is basically the sync folder you would use to upload files to the cloud. The second app is either the iOS or Android app. iOS and Android will work on tablets or smart phones.


1. Once logged into your account on the web portal, navigate to the Download App button on the top right of the screen.


2. Listed will be five options. Windows client, Mac client, Android app, iOS app, and Outlook plugin.


3. Let’s start with the mobile apps. If you click on the Android app, it will redirect to the Google Play store webpage. You can locate the app from your Android mobile device by clicking the Play Store app and searching for "SyncedTool". This also applies to iOS. Go to the App Store on your iOS device and search for "SyncedTool". Once downloaded to the device, enter your login credentials to access your files.


4. Now we can go through the process of downloading and installing the client for your local machine. We will only focus on Windows client as it is almost identical to the Mac install. First, find your way to the Download App page, and click Windows agent. It will redirect to a page letting you know your download will begin shortly. Just wait a minute.


5. Shortly a pop up window will show. Just click Save File.


6. After download is complete. The installer should pop up. Start by clicking next.


7. On the next screen read through the license agreement and click accept. Once you are done hit next.


8. On the next page you will choose the installation directory. We recommend keeping it the default location. Click next.


9. Now that the installation directory is chosen, you are now ready to install. Just click next.


10. Installation will begin automatically. Wait for the install to finish.


11. Installation should now be complete. Click the check box if you would like a desktop shortcut created and click Finish.


12. The next step is registering your client. You should receive a welcome message. Just click Next to begin the registration process.


13. Type your login credentials in for the client to start registration process. Click Next.


14. You will now be given a choice between a "Typical Setup" or "Advanced Setup". If Advanced is chosen, it will allow you to set where your client location is. Let’s keep it simple, and choose Typical Setup. Click Next.


15. You are now finished with the installation and registration process. Click the check box if you would like to client to open after setup. Click Finish.


16. You are now ready to add files to your folder. Drap and drop into folder and files will be uploaded to the cloud and new devices you install.