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Organization Settings

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Organization Settings

Under organization settings you are able to edit name, description, policies, branding, and delete an organization. Organization settings also allows to integrate with your own email server, Active Directory, AutoTask, or ConnectWise.

  • First, click the organization listed on the left that you would like to edit settings for. It should be highlighted blue.
  • Once clicked on the organization you would like, click the settings tab on the top right of the dashboard.


  • Once in the settings tab, it will list all of your options.


  • The first tab will be the General Tab. In this tab you can edit the name of your organization, host name, share disclaimer, description, and contact email.


  • The second tab will be Policies. Here you can change the policies and permissions of an organization such as max file size, excluded extensions, backups, deletes, sharing, revisions, and bandwidth throttling.


  • The third tab is Email. The Email tab will allow you configure your own email server, which will send system emails out from your own domain name. This is an additonal branding feature.


  • The fourth tab is the Authentication tab. This is where you can set your Active Directory source to import users.


  • The fifth tab is the PSA tab. This will allow you to integrate with Autotask or Connectwise PSA systems. This is used for ticketing and alerts.


  • The sixth tab is the Branding tab. Here you can set up custom branding and logos. This will change the web logo, mobile logo, icon, folder name, and program name.


  • The last tab, is the Delete tab. This will erase the organization. Keep in mind, once you erase an organization all data is lost.