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Using the Backup Feature

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Creating Backups using the Backup Feature

Backups are different than sync, but they do have similar functionality. Backups will keep an extra copy of a file or folder on the server, but will not propagate down to all of your devices. You can still access the backup files from the web portal, download, share, and access revisions. You can remotely backup files and folders from machines with the client or app installed.


1. To use the backup feature, navigate to the Backups tab on the top right portion of the dashboard.



2. Click + Create Backup.



3. Once on the Backups tab, it will list all the devices you have the client installed.



4. Choose the device you would like to backup files from. Start by clicking the arrow located to the left of the machine. Then click the arrow next to the drive the files are located.



5. Your folders will have successfully backed up now, and will get redirected to the backups page. You will be able to view the backups created.



6. From the backups panel, you can browse, restore, or delete backups.



7. To browse your backup contents, click the folder on the right of the backup. This will allow you to download, share, access revisions, etc.



8. You can also restore the full backup to any of your endpoints. Click the restore button on the right of the backup. Choose the endpoint, choose the drive letter, and choose the folder to restore these documents to. Once you click Save, it will send the files to the device.