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Viewing the Activity Log

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Learning the Activity Log

All activity is logged within the system. Anytime someone adds an account, deletes an account, deletes a file, or changes a password, it will get logged. This is a great feature for audit trails and tracking usage.

1. Start by navigating to the Activity tab on the top of the dashboard.



2. Once in the Activity tab, it will list all the activity that has ever occured in the system. Any change will be added here.



3. You can track specific dates just by inputting them in the calendar feature. The calendar date ranges are seen at the top left of the Activity log.



4. On the right side of the Activity log you can sort by category. Activity categories consist of Machine, Root Folder, or Organization.



5. The Activity log allows alerts to be created as well. Start by clicking Create Alert.



6. From the Alert Settings page input the users you would like to notify.  You can choose when you would like these alerts to be generated.  Some examples of alerts are, "Has reached 80% of quota" or "Has used all of quota".  Choose which Organization or User to create the alert for.  Click the check boxes of how you would like this alert to be sent.  You are given the option of email, text message, or PSA System.  Click "SAVE" and your alert will be set.



7. You can manage your alerts from the Activity log. Find your way to the Alerts tab on the top right of the Activity Log.



8. Once in the Alerts tab, it will list all alerts created. You can edit or delete alerts by using the buttons on the right side.